Late Night Snack

141 nachtwinkels, 45 belwinkels en internetcafés, 84 praatclubs, 17 shishabars, 12 seksshops en 8 videotheken moeten jaarlijks een extra taks betalen omdat ze ‘imagoverlagend’ zouden werken voor de stad Antwerpen. Maarten Inghels vroeg zich af of poëzie hun imago kon verbeteren en plaatste op maat gemaakte lichtreclame in verschillende nachtwinkels.

Late Night Snack

The council of Antwerp installed a special tax for night shops, shisha bars and sex shops which in their belief are ‘image lowering companies’ for the city. Maarten Inghels wondered if poetry could lift their image. He made custom LED-displays with 120 blinking red and blue lights with the word POETRY and a cocktail glass and installed them in ten different night shops.

  • LATE NIGHT SNACK, installation, 2017
  • Display with 120 (blinking) red en blue LED-lights. Text: POETRY with cocktail glass. CE regulated. ︎
  • 48 x 25 x 2 cm
  • ︎ Dries Segers

“My father, my mother, my wife and my two children were killed in Iran. I moved to Antwerp in 1984 and started this night shop. I want you to write a poem about me and my personal life. It must be a sad poem. But first, I need 40.000 dollar so I can plant a flag of peace on the North Pole. I will put the flag on the North Pole and then we will discuss world peace on the telephone. A journalist will listen to our conversation. I will make you famous.”

Poet and Vagabond
Antwerp, Belgium