One word poem UTOPIA made while walking in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Oxford, Antwerp, Brussels… Recorded with Strava app.

︎ First one made while walking in Ghent (14 km) on Novembre 27 2020. A performance in collaboration with Croxhapox and their WALK WALK WALK. Published as a postcard.

︎ 7 prints on photo rag on view in group show “La marche dans l’art: marcher, create” in Atelier des Empreintes, Montsoreau, Val de Loire, France. Every Sunday afternoon, from 3 pm to 6 pm, from April 21 to June 16 2024 and from September 15 to November 17 2024. Discover 33 visual and sound artists from the Five Continents. 3 concert events to mark off the year.

Poet and Vagabond
Antwerp, Belgium